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We are an exclusive and unique cards specialist.  We personalize cards to suit your desired design or idea for any type of occasion or function you may have in mind.  Remember there are no boundaries, have your own theme, color, unique design, add your favorite picture and so on and on, it is endless, it’s all up to your imagination and creativity.  Your card can take on the classic look, traditional, contemporary or ultra modern concepts, or even a mixture of everything and anything so “anything IS possible!”

Contact Christine to discuss your desires, your ideas, themes, colors (let me know all your preferences) so that I can assist and relieve you of the nightmare in creating something totally unique just for that very special celebration.  I understand your time is precious in concentrating on other important things, however an invitation card is just as important as it makes a Statement.  Make this card different from your friends’ invitation card, or store bought – mass produced ones. 

I will put your ideas together and present you with a proposal as close as possible to your thoughts.   No one will have the same design as you have!! just because it was your idea and you made it first.  Remember this is your celebration so make your MARK here and NOW!

You, your family and friends would be pleasantly surprised with such a unique invitation which are great keepsake or memorabilia.  Let them have a sneak preview of what is in store and what they will be experiencing on the actual day.  You will be able to charm and mesmerize your guests and they will keep talking about your creation for years.

The features of the cards are all handmade, acid free and are from a smoke free environment.  All items used are biodegradable and environmentally friendly but most importantly they are individually and professionally done.  Take a look at some examples to tickle your imagination.

Price starts from a very modest price of A$6.80 per card (wedding cards), (excluding packing, handling and postage charges).    Price will depend on intricacy and techniques employed, the number of cards required but it is all negotiable.  Order as many or as little as you want.  There are no hidden costs and no additional “setting up design fee”.   This is a REAL EASY, NO FUSS transaction, just follow the 5 easy and simple order form and make your dream come true.


About Christine

With more than 15 years of experience in sales, promotions and marketing in an exceedingly >>>fast=pacedè >>> environment at the hub of Malaysia’s busiest business centre of Kuala Lumpur, you can rest assure that our collaboration would be in very good hands.  Due to the nature of my past position as a Promotions & Public Relations Manager with International marketing and exhibitions exposure, I am meticulous, fast, dependable and have an eye for details.  I am a graduate of the Australian College of Journalism specializing in Public Relations, Publicity and Promotions amongst other qualifications.  And through my work experience have worked closely with graphic artists, designers and product owners in all fields from product infancy to implementation stage to designing, advertising, packaging, marketing and promotions.  With my background and insight knowledge I hope to be able to work together with you to achieve what you want.

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