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Hooray for Babies 


 Here are just some examples of Baby Showers Invitation Cards that you can create, there are heaps of wonderful alternatives.

All cards come with plain white envelope with corresponding designs with the card.  Other requests for colour can be met during consultation of the card design.



 A very cute and cool looking card that looks like a baby’s diaper complete with safety pin with a pink and blue embossed with the words “Baby Shower” card attached.  The card is perforated to make it look like the real diaper.  Inside the card there is a pair of baby’s feet, also embossed, one set of feet is in pink and one in blue where your invitation details goes on. 


What an IMPACT!!!!  This design can also be used for say a 50th Birthdayfor the fun loving. 




A big blue whale is seen here splashing words of Baby Shower (embossed) over her top.  

The whale is also embossed and then coloured.  This makes a lovely invitation as the whale swims happily in the mighty ocean.

 Baby Shower – Lots of balloons  to celebrate the occasion.  Here you have a card made up of colourful balloons which are embossed and then pricked to provide a pop-up effect. 


The words Baby Shower are entwined with a colourful dotted ribbon to match with the balloons theme.   On the sides you have the red and pink balloons popping their heads to peek through to give it a mischievous appearance.



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