Le Creaciones

Birthday Celebrations


Here are just some examples of the cards you can create.

All cards come with plain white envelope with corresponding designs with the card.  Other requests for colour can be met during consultation of the card design.






Here’s YOUR INVITE..... very modern look using blue on red cards which had been purposely cut open to reveal the words ‘Your Invite’. 

Two pairs of beautifully handmade roses tied up in red ribbons surround the opening to give it a softer look.  What a great card idea. 


60th Birthday Celebration Invitation.  This card has a 3 dimensional effect from the different layers of card stock which are slightly popped up. 

The person’s baby picture is added to the right hand corner to give it a little fun and amusement to the recipient.   

Definitely a hot topic for discussion and keep your guest talking for a long while.






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