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Business Promotional Cards are so important if you are in business nowadays.  You have to constantly remind people that you are there and is contactable.  A great idea would be to have a personalised promotional card made of your business.  It would not be an ordinary business card where it can be lost amongst other cards, it HAS to STAND OUT!!! Otherwise finding your card would be too cumbersome and a lot of $$ is lost because of this.  When a customer wants something it HAS to be INSTANT and what great idea is to have a Promotional Card made.

It is Alley’s Hair Styling Salon promotional card done on beige coloured card and printed in light purple with watermark of different hair styles.  The sides of the card is coloured in matching purple and popped up on a similar beige card which is pricked all along the sides.   Full information of the salon is printed here and you can be assured that this card would not be lost amongst others.

 Ian Camera House which is cleverly titled “Where we make better memories”, says it all.  The business information is printed on transparent paper and then toped onto a printed card showing the different camera shuttles in blue.   In finishing off, the cards are placed on top of a white card to make the design sing out.  Try to loose this card?  I don’t think so.

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