Le Creaciones

Modern Card Creaciones 


 Here are just some examples of the cards you can create.

All cards come with plain white envelope with corresponding designs with the card.  Other requests for colour can be met during consultation of the card design.


Lets talk modern and for those fun loving couples.  The words “Our Wedding” is embossed in gold with a gold veiled pink stripe bottle representing the bride and a black bottle with white dots and a gold bow tie for the groom.   

A modern card for those who dare to be different.

 Wow take a look at this card......... it’s your wedding dress!   It is as sweet and shocking as you can get.   The shape of your wedding dress is cut from card and a thin sheet of plastic, stamped with white floral design, is placed on top.  The ‘dress’ is then dotted with gold glitter at the yoke, hem and on the bodice. It is then finished off with a huge gold and silver edge ribbon tied at the waist.   (The ribbon also acts as a seal for the card).    

This card will definitely wow anyone........ and keep everyone talking about it for ages.

 Going for an ultra-modern looking card, here’s one for you.   I have used a black coloured base card topped with a white card which has been embossed with two strips of black and red glitter ribbon.   At the centre of the card pops 2 black flowers tied together with a red and white coloured string.  This card is simple yet definitely makes a statement for the modern and bold couple.  The colours used are very intense.


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