Le Creaciones

Thinking of having a Theme Wedding, here are some examples of the cards you can create.

All cards come with plain white envelope with corresponding designs with the card.  Other requests for colour can be met during consultation of the card design.


 For those romantics here’s a Fairytale Wedding card complete with a picture of a double horse drawn carriage and of course cubit standing guard at the back of the carriage; what a romantic scene.  The sides surrounding the picture is beautifully embossed and coloured in pastel colours and  is placed on top of a maroon card which is also embossed.   Two pieces of lace is placed over the sides and is then finished off with a matching coloured bow of sand and silver.


 Pink Theme

Thinking of a Pink Theme for your wedding?  Here’s one card with different shades of pink to make your day special.  The top transparency sheet is embossed with a lovely design backed by a shocking pink card, which is beautifully edged, and then by a mauve coloured card.  

A lovely pink ribbon is placed on the top corner and attached onto the ribbon are two beautiful shades of pink paper flowers.  Extremely sweet for the dainty lady in mind.

 Did you want a Western Style Wedding Card?  We...ll here is one example.  I have cut out 2 horse shoes one in vanilla and one in sunny brown colour cards and embossed it with green glitter.  They are then strategically placed over the wedding photo of the couple also dotted in green glitter to give it a western style glamour look.   Modern and yet very close to the theme chosen, ya..ho...o!

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