Le Creaciones

Our Traditional Card Ideas 



Here are just some examples of the cards you can create.

All cards come with plain white envelope with corresponding designs with the card.  Other requests for colour can be met during consultation of the card design.

 Speaking about tradition, well this is a very typical Chinese themed card depicting the bamboo translated to mean long life.  The bamboo design is first printed and then embossed to look like bamboo being placed horizontally.  The word Invitation is embossed vertically and then coloured with red and gold to depict happiness, luck and prosperity and the closure is with a piece of red ribbon tied into a bow.    The card is naturally red.

 Having a Scottish Wedding?  Well this card is just for you complete with tartan of your clan and of course bagpipe players on the march.  This vanilla coloured card is edged with gold leaf to bring out the design of the tartan and for a dimensional effect some of the tartans are popped up.    A contemporary yet traditional in design that will no doubt please everyone.


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