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Wedding Card Ideas 


 Here are just some examples of Wedding Cards that you can create.

All cards come with plain white envelope with corresponding designs with the card.  Other requests for colour can be met during consultation of the card design.


This is a sophisticated card with a bouquet of white roses on the front of the card.   The two colours of pale pink and cream with scalloped edges compliment each other thus bringing out the intricacy of the card.  

 The bunch of tiny beautifully handmade bouquet of roses, which are carefully detailed to look like real roses, are bundled together with a bow tied at the stems and dotted with red pearl beads.  The word “Invitation” is printed on the front and dotted with white pearl beads.  This will definitely make an impression with your guests.



This exceptionally and relatively simple looking card just SCREAMS attention with its bright yellow colour card.   The white card on top is embossed with swells and gold embossed rings to create a shimmering effect.


The words “Wedding Invitation” is printed on matching bold yellow card but is toned down with a shimmer of lace edged with gold trimming to compliment the overall coordination of colours.


Wow a lace card!  Yes you can use the actual lace that is on your wedding gown to create this beautiful invitation.   This is an example of how it will look like.


This card is embossed with purple glitter for a very bold effect and its for those daring brides who just want to make a statement, is that YOU?




Here you have a beautiful delicate white lace on a pink card.  On top of the lace there are 3 lovely detailed handmade roses of white with pink centre design.  The rose is finished off with tiny green leaves supporting the rose. 


The card opening is embossed with green and pink shimmer to create a dazzling effect.





An elegant card for those who love tradition, this one’s for you. 

This little booklet invitation is made up of four leaves.  The first leave is marked “L”, second “O” making up the word “LOVE”.  The leaves are bound together with a ribbon.   A traditional method of “card pricking” is done on the lettering and each leave is stamped with a pink flower bush design.  

Definitely an outstanding card.




 Who says a card has to be flat.  This unique pyramid card just “STANDS & POPS UP” amongst other.   Invitation details are printed on little heart shaped cards which are attached on to the pyramid.  The bottom of the pyramid is detailed with embossed string of flowers as skirting.  This card can be folded flat for postage. 


A very trendy card that will keep your guests talking about it for ages.



What a romantic card this is. 


A picture of the couple can be printed on an opaque sheet and then coloured to give it further depth.  This picture is then placed on top of a heart shaped card before placing on top of a vanilla coloured card.


The card is full of glitter that looks like little diamantes.  It is simply beautiful and extremely stunning piece.





 An embossed white on pink Wedding Invitation Card with 3D butterflies fluttering around. 


The words “Wedding Invitation” are raised to create a “pop-up” effect and the butterflies are 3 dimensional to make the card look dainty.    A simple yet sweet design for those modest at heart.  This is another WOW card.







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