Le Creaciones

Seasonal Weddings 


 Here are just some examples of the cards you can create.

All cards come with plain white envelope with corresponding designs with the card.  Other requests for colour can be met during consultation of the card design.

 Want a romantic Spring Wedding?  with flowers and butterflies everywhere.  This card is made up of different spring colours and embossed in a swirl design and is further coloured in pastel colours of Spring.   In the centre pops up a bunch of multi coloured flowers of shocking pink, yellow, red, orange and baby blue complete with butterflies flying here and there to finish off the card.

 An Autumn Wedding, what a lovely idea.  On this card you have two skeletal leaf (these are real leafs), they are of rich maroon and cinnamon colour, placed on top of an embossed card.   The card is then placed on top of various coloured cards of gold, maroon, sand and vanilla, all colours of the season.    The card is then finished off with a very unique opening.

Summer with sunflowers in mind.  Colours of orange and yellow and beige are used to create a summery look and feel.   Here sunflowers are placed at different levels to create a step up and step down look.  Black glitter is added to the centre of the flowers as well as around the card depicting sunflower seeds.   

 Wedding in Winter?   This beautiful card is done in true blue, the colour of Winter, and illustrates a little window in opaque.   Peering through this window are two hearts in bright pink that stands out and just speaks of the occasion.  The window is then dazzled with dark blue glitter to depict snow on the window pane.   A pleasant looking Winter Wedding card with lots of glitter of the season.

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